Sunday, September 25, 2011

New Wreaths Are Coming Today!

The new wreaths that I have been creating will be available on this blog starting today at 1pm EST.

There will be a "Buy Now" button for each wreath and you can pay using your Paypal account, credit card or debit card.

In order to streamline the listing process here is the description that applies to each wreath:

Welcome to GeorgiaPeachez Wreaths for 2011! As seen in e-zine and featured on

I spend all year hunting down the most beautiful vintage christmas ornaments.

Shiny Brites, Polands, West Germany and Made in the good ol' USA.

I have customers that display their wreaths year round, they love them so much :->

Each wreath is a one of a kind creation, destined to become a family heirloom.

~My Wreaths~

I have been making these wreaths for many years and I have perfected my time tested method.  I have wreaths in my own personal collection that I store in my attic, during the hot summer, and they are still just as beautiful as the day I crafted them.

The wreath measures 15" in diameter. I find this is an easy size to work with in the decor, to ship and to store for the off season.

I wrap the wreath form in tinsel, (no cheesy fake evergreen here!) so the reverse of the wreath is beautiful too. There is a wire hook for hanging.

I adhere lots and lots of ornaments, big, small and tiny, filling in all the gaps so you see beautiful ornaments where ever you look.


I purchase new shipping cartons and packing materials. Your wreath will come carefully wrapped in bubblewrap and nestled in packing peanuts. You can reuse the shipping container for storage.

I ship via Fedex Ground and have found them to be very gentle with my delicate packages and have NEVER had a breakage. Packages are automatically insured with Fedex.



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Curtains In My Tree said...

they are all SOLD??

so pretty