Friday, December 13, 2013

Light Bulb Wreaths

It's been close to 15 years ago when my obsessive vintage holiday hoarding led me to acquire a large stash of old C9 light bulbs.  
I eventually decided to try making a wreath with those lights and it turned out pretty well.
My light bulb wreaths are a GeorgiaPeachez original design and I've perfected the method over the years.
I'm working on a few of these wreaths for this year.  
These bulbs are pretty hard to come by now, so I will only get a few made and then that is it until I can find another load of old C9's.
Remember when those were the standard size for your tree and for the house?  That was back in the old days (my youth) and there was no such thing as white mini lights either.
There is no comparison today for the great range of colors those old lights came in.


Sandy McClay said...

These are so pretty! Try the thrift store after Christmas, I got over 200 of the large ( not ribbed) bulbs for 20.00 last year...:)
Merry Christmas!

denise said...

Suzy!! had I little thrift store had packs of them for 25 cents each. There were about 30 packs (of 4 I think) If they are still there do you want me to pick them up for you?

Anonymous said...

I am loving my bulb wreath and have it hanging in a prominent place to enjoy. Here's a link to my Postcard for's all about Georgia Peachez!!

Merry Christmas...Sharon

Elegant Holidays Inc. said...

Great information! Thank you!

Elegant Holidays Inc. said...

Great information! Thank you!