Sunday, January 6, 2013

This One's For ME

I've made hundreds of wreaths over the last few years, and passed each one along to it's new home.
The wreaths that I made and have in my own personal collection were made many years ago.  
This season I made a buying trip to one of my favorite places on this earth, Suzanna's Antiques.
I brought home many wonderful ornaments to use in my wreaths, and I also found this cutie.
 This guy is an impressive 10 inches high, even in his tucked posture.  He still maintains his Made in Japan label and he is stuffed with excelsior.
Love the avocado green burlap.  Love at first sight actually.

I brought him home, knowing that he would become the focal piece of a new wreath, for the GeorgiaPeachez  family collection.
I've been saving and setting aside many wonderful 70's kitschy ornaments just for a future and personal wreath project.
He is a happy elf with his new home.  
You can see that my personal taste  
in vintage Christmas really skews to the wacky side.  


Bev said...

Just gorgeous! I love your wreaths! You are so talented!

Cheery wave!

hi, i'm kat. said...

i love it as well! and like you, have a soft spot for wacky 70's....maybe it's telling of the time we grew up in!

Betty Crafter said...

It's perfect!! I love it! And I love those burlap elves. I have a few squirreled away, but none that big! I've decided next year I shall have a tree with nothing but elves on it...

Christmas ornaments said...

i like this... wow nice